XXXJPY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! - Here is Why!

Unfortunately, my OP was deleted from Forex. Here is a screen-shot. That ?!?!?!?!?!!? crash was the "spike with no retrace". We are now looking for the 5 - 10 % rally or mega breakout.
Buying above 7.20 is a mugs game. Wait for retracements to 70.20. Do not be spooked by strong bear action in that area, above the lows, this is super bullish.

Here are my current positions.
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I do not have time to chart up everything now, but I will explain to you how I was able to spot this happening. This is not fluke. This is a repeatable pattern. You can learn how to do this, I promise you that.


Shorts going well and coming into targets. Stops pulled up tight to protect profits. Usually we will see this selling off in a scary way (like, scary as in it looks like a new bear breakout). This can often be bear trap. Watch for this, it is common, do not be induced into the sell near 70.20, it is a great buy level.

Got stopped out in the spike up, some pending orders to get a good RR entry set. This is where we are looking for a second "scary" leg. Spike low bear trap leg. Quick, violent and then proper reversal. If it breaks the lows, all bes are off on the buys. Will take another look if stopped out the buys.


This is going badly. The trade sizes are a mess when coping. I think the initial cash run is gonna have to be scaled down to 0.5 of this for the first few days. I think I know what the problem is. I should be able to fix this, and should still be able to launch live version (albeit in scald down start) as planned.

Regarding NZDJPY, I think this may break the lows. I hope not. That would not be a good indicator for other markets (stocks, mainly). Removed the buy orders and set take profits lower. his bounce does not look the starting formation of a trend leg, even on small charts. It looks like a 1-2 correction ... they lead to breakouts.
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[Weekly Charting] I'll analyze the top 10 stock tickers posted in the comments and make a video with my analysis

EDIT: Here ya go, video is posted! https://youtu.be/obyWC-kd50o
I'm a swing/day trader and will do some short term chart/fundamental analysis on the top 10 tickers posted here. I might throw in some thoughts longer term but mostly you should assume a shorter term trade (days to weeks).
If you want a chart analyzed respond with the following (REQUIRED):
  1. Ticker
  2. Long or short (i.e. do you think it will go up or down)
  1. ONE idea per post (otherwise we don't know which is being upvoted) Feel free to make multiple posts though...try to keep it to 2 or 3 if possible so we get a good variety
  2. No OTC or foreign companies.
  3. No options, futures, forex, etc. Equities only.
  4. If you don't post both a ticker AND a direction (long/short) I can't analyze it
  5. If you see one you want analyzed already posted, upvote it.
I'll do the top 10 most upvoted or the 10 most common that follow all the rules. If there are ties I'll do them based on who posted the earliest.
I'll post the video after I let the thread run for a while and collect tickers!
Have fun!
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How I Setup My Tradingview Charts for Forex - YouTube Forex Trading Charts  Chart Analysis [Part 2] #FxClub ... Forex Beginner Course Part 2 - Forex Chart Analysis - YouTube Top 100 Forex Indicator - The SSL - YouTube TOP 3 FOREX TRADING ENTRIES (Simple & Profitable Patterns ... 1 MIN Scalping Forex Charts Strategy with kouleefx - YouTube

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